Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Theatre

HDTV: Westinghouse LVM-42W2, 42" - Purchased during Labor Day sale in 2006
Receiver: Technics SA-DX940 - Purchased from a pawnshop in Reno in 2001
Phonograph: Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut III - Christmas gift in 2007
HD-DVR: Scientific Atlanta 8300HD - Cable provider Astound
Xbox: Modded with XBMC, 120 GB - Purchased used and modded by friend in 2004
Xbox 360: 20 GB - Purchased for Gears of War in 2007
Wii: Most played game by far is Bowling - Purchased at midnight launch in 2006
TV Top: Phillips 27PT6441/37, 27"- Birthday gift in 2005
TV Bottom: RCA G27373CP, 27" - Purchased from estate sale in 2004
R/L Speakers: Canton CT-220 - Birthday gift in 2001
Center Speaker: Yamaha - Birthday gift in 2006
Rear Speakers: Sony SS-SR350 - Purchased in 2006
Subwoofer: Klipsch - Purchased at Costco in 2006
PC: Windows XP Media Center, Home built, Parts purchased from Fry's in 2007
Remote Control: Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote, Purchased from Amazon in 2008
TV Stand: Purchased at Good Guys going out of business clearance sale in 2006

System Schematic

(Click to embiggen.)